Creeping Green

Moss growing on a tree in Oregon

|| The green moss that grows over the trees in the Pacific Northwest is amazing. I shot this photo while photographer Re Wikstrom and I were traveling through Oregon on a bike trip. The texture of the moss attracted me first, but the pale color of the bark was what really drew me into the contrast.

Oregon has some incredible mountain biking. We were just outside Hood River at this point during our travels. I had no idea, but apparently Hood River is a mecca for windsurfing. Years ago I saw the windsurfing movie that Poor Boyz Productions released in between ski season. PBP is usually known a production house for winter flicks, but they also have the beach scene dialed. ||

The Tree

A single, lonely tree stands tall at a backcountry campsite in Stanley, Idaho.

|| I spotted this single, lonely tree standing tall just outside of our campsite in Stanley, Idaho. This site was just off the Nip Tuck road near town. Spring, summer, or fall, this part of Idaho has incredible mountain biking and rafting. Hot springs dot the landscape and serve as welcome relief after some of the longer rides in town.

Trails are rarely crowded, and when you do run into another group it’s only for a brief moment and a casual exchange. Stanley is worth visiting just for the breakfast in town at the Bakery and the stars you can see at night. ||

Desert Senior Citizen

|| An old tree hanging out by our campsite in Moab. A morning of freezing, endless rain kept us from riding the trails we wanted to, so exploration was necessary. I had spotted this old guy the day before. After a quick cup of coffee to warm up I grabbed my Mamiya 645 medium format camera and snagged a couple film shots from a different angle. This digital shot from my 5d Mkii stands out a little more because the V-shape of the hills in the background cause the eye to move towards the hard, dark lines of the branches. Trees are few and far between in the desert. ||