The Canyons

Looking down over Park City from the Gondola at the Canyons Resort in Utah.

|| With acres of real estate and only a few singletrack trails criss-crossing its face, the Canyons Resort has suffered from a lack of freestyle mountain biking terrain. As of this past summer this changed with the opening of multiple, gondola and lift-accessed riding chocked with jumps, bermed turns and heavy features. Given the recent, growing interest freestyle riding south of Whistler and Western BC, the Canyons could carve out a niche for themselves over the coming years. Only time will tell, but for now there’s still a pretty killer view from the gondola. ||

Too Busy

Too busy for what? Shooting, that’s what.

Arrived at the Canyons at 9:30, left at 2:30. Shot one photo.

Why? 30+ in of snow in 24 hrs and probably 60-70 in a 48-72hr period. No way I’m going to ignore that. So, I shredded with Stan Evans and his buddy Adam from Redbull.

After a long season of looking at snow, talking about snow, posting about snow, watching other people enjoy snow, and generally not getting a chance to actually enjoy.. snow.. I took yesterday as the opportunity to clear my head.

Hell yes.