High Quality H2O

|| Dusty, dry, and loose, that’s Utah trail riding in a nutshell. It does rain too, but rarely. Maybe a weekend in the spring or a Thusday during the fall. I’m not complaining though, because this particular personality of local weather means that you can roll across ridges and power through valleys without maniacally carving the fingerprints of your tires into well-worn trails. Sometimes though, I do miss playing in the mud. ||

Riding it Out

|| Mountain bikers Ben Thomas and Steve Sramek look out over the hills of Brian Head, Utah. This was my first trip to Brian Head, and a wet one to say the least. This photograph was shot mid-ride on the Bunker Creek, the bottom of which we soon discovered chalk full of mud and cow paddies. Bunker Creek is a longer, multi-hour ride which requires shuttling with two vehicles from top to bottom. Brian Head is packed with riding options, some a little loose and rocky, others loamy or potentially buffed by group after group of riders. By the end of the trip we had ridden for three days, run into rain storms, countless mechanicals and flats, sheep herders, and wide skies full of stars at night. I look forward to going back. ||