|| An injured shoulder doesn’t leave much mountain bike time on the agenda. Today I took to the road and followed the bike paths around Salt Lake City. Quickly I realized that dodging traffic might be more hazardous than trying my hand at a downhill trail. These days the Spring sun shines later and later, it warms the pavement and the air until dark. Mill Creek Canyon was my destination, and after about 30 minutes of weaving through neighborhoods I was able to find the road I needed. Single-speed bikes aren’t usually the best for sustained climbing, but I have to say it offers a unique strength training regime. Over the next few weeks I look forward more time on the pavement. ||

Nocturnal Expression Session

A few days before it started raining here in Salt Lake City I hit the rode on my single-speed at night.

Kind of fun to explore the neighborhood while everyone else is asleep, you get the entire street to yourself.

Lots of cats running around, not much else though. Ample time to teach yourself how to ride without your hands on the handlebars… again.

Took some fiddling with my Super Clamp but I was able to rig my 7D to the frame and still be able to pedal. I’m sure there are easier ways to accomplish these shots but the experimentation was fun.

Looking forward to doing this up in Park City . There’s significantly less light pollution so you can actually see the stars. Seems like it would be a nice touch.

Nice Little Saturday

No Home Depot, no Bed Bath and Beyond, just a little ride into Sugarhouse to get business done.

Pushing a 6in travel bike around city streets isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world but it gets your legs jacked, oh snap.

Stan Evans and I went on a mid-day caffeine binge with our laptops to do a little people watching, bullshitting, and general business. Cruised some neighborhoods and ended up mowing down some wings before we pedaled back up to the ‘hood.

Not too shabby, a nice little Saturday.