Salt Lake City Library

A photo of the interior of the Salt Lake City Public Library from one of the highest catwalks inside.

|| I shot this photo from the highest catwalk inside the Salt Lake City Public Library. Desks and sitting areas are hidden behind the square pillars to the right and the library proper is to the left. Every Sunday the ground level is packed with vendors selling crafts and customers milling about the vendors. Massive windows allow light to fill the building all day. After moving to Salt Lake City from Maine, I quickly discovered that this was one of my favorite buildings in the downtown area. ||

Gone for a Walk

Hiking along a trail in the foothills above Salt Lake City, just before winter.

|| Trails wind through the foothills around Salt Lake City. Hiking these trails can either be a muddy adventure or a thrilling opportunity to shoot some amazing photos of the outdoors.

Snow had just fallen in the Southern part of the city, mostly at high altitude, but the lower trails were dry to the North. Sometimes I trail run in the foothills just to get away from the grid and the grind. That’s one of the best parts about Salt Lake, you can leave the city behind without actually leaving the city. ||