Salt Lake City Bike Prom

The powder blue dress shoes of a unicyclist. His unicycle lays on the grass beside his feet.

The Bike Part of the Year

At least downtown, anyway. Every year The Bike Collective in Salt Lake holds an annual fundraiser and people get really, really into it. Over the years it’s grown in size and so has the ride through downtown that kicks things off. It’s a rolling celebration of bike culture and one that everyone should have the opportunity to take part in at some point.


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|| I’ve lived on three different streets in five years. Utah’s grid system lends itself to an interesting mix of residential and commercial buildings. This walk took me from Highland to Elgin, Elgin to 13th, and 13th to the grocery store. Salt Lake City needs more walking space and less smog. ||

Salt Lake City Library

A photo of the interior of the Salt Lake City Public Library from one of the highest catwalks inside.

|| I shot this photo from the highest catwalk inside the Salt Lake City Public Library. Desks and sitting areas are hidden behind the square pillars to the right and the library proper is to the left. Every Sunday the ground level is packed with vendors selling crafts and customers milling about the vendors. Massive windows allow light to fill the building all day. After moving to Salt Lake City from Maine, I quickly discovered that this was one of my favorite buildings in the downtown area. ||