The Inroads

Rock walls stand tall along the side of the highway in Utah.

Tall, rocky mesas overlook the highway that stretches into the town of Moab, Utah.

|| Rock and sand are the skeleton of Utah. Highways wind in and out of this skeleton like arteries, delivering life to various cities and towns. Travel these highways enough and you’ll have an opportunity to snag some amazing photos of the landscape. Above are two bits of road that stretch between Salt Lake City and Moab. ||

As Real as it Gets

|| Life, it’s a serious game. Bills to pay, ladders to climb, decisions to make, and just when you get it figured out, often it answers back with a swift kick to the teeth. Stay too serious and you could find yourself living in a van…down by the river. Just make the wheels smaller, the color a little more pink than red, and the tires? White, obviously. It’s a shame that mountain bike tires aren’t sold in a stock white option. Wouldn’t it make the world a more laid-back place if you were handed a football helmet and a set of bleached rubber when you bought a 26-inch wonder-machine? Keeping it real, that’s the game. ||

Scenes from the Road Pt. 3

|| Just outside Moab lies a ramshackle town that I’ve forgotten the name of. Broken down busses, RVs, a house or two without a roof, and one house with a landscape painted on its side. All this in the heat of the desert and everything regulated by a single stop sign. We stopped at the sign, looked around and the only thing in spitting distance was a post office. Someone delivers the mail, obviously, but who opens it in this town? ||