Textures from Utah

|| Above you’ll find photographs of textures that I’ve accumulated in my recent travels. The first image shows snow on the trees in Big Cottonwood canyon after a recent, early season storm and the next photo shows the red sand of Moab, washed out after a rain storm. Rain drops sit on the fly of my tent in image three, after said rainstorm. This last image was shot with a 100mm 2.8 macro lens, the first with a 70-200mm telephoto and the middle image with a 24-70mm 2.8. Three lenses, three textures and three distinct, but contrasting looks that display the environment here in Utah. ||

Bolts From the Sky

Endless rain.

Salt Lake City has been a sad state of affairs the last few weeks. The rain won’t stop.

Little Cottonwood Canyon residents are lining the river with sandbags, and a few of the reservoirs are overflowing.

Last summer all I had to complain about was the endless heat, now its the rain. We’ve been treated to some serious fireworks display courtesy of the thunderhead clouds rolling through.

My buddy Matt Boynton snagged a couple of cool shots from his house in SLC at the same time I grabbed one up in Park City.

Wild stuff, glad I had my camera. Thanks for the photos Matt.