As Real as it Gets

|| Life, it’s a serious game. Bills to pay, ladders to climb, decisions to make, and just when you get it figured out, often it answers back with a swift kick to the teeth. Stay too serious and you could find yourself living in a van…down by the river. Just make the wheels smaller, the color a little more pink than red, and the tires? White, obviously. It’s a shame that mountain bike tires aren’t sold in a stock white option. Wouldn’t it make the world a more laid-back place if you were handed a football helmet and a set of bleached rubber when you bought a 26-inch wonder-machine? Keeping it real, that’s the game. ||


|| I shot this image of Lynsey Dyer on a cold, snowy night in Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah. After arriving more than fashionably late due to car trouble Dyer and I stepped outside, I setup my giant octobox for a softer front light, and a Elinchrom Ranger for a rim and we blasted away. Lynsey stuck through the cold like a champ, despite needing to skip town that night to head out on a trip later the next day. Like the professional she is, Dyer hit her mark on a number of looks and we were in and out quickly. Although this shot (and others from the shoot) never ran, the photos are of some of my favorite lifestyle / environmental portraits that I’ve shot over the past couple of years. The lighting is far from perfect, but the snowfall breaks up the darkness around her and the bleed-in of the yellow from the streetlights behind her add some warmth. Can’t say I would shoot this photo exactly the way I did it back then, but I stil like it all the same. ||