A colorful photograph of yellow, orange, and green Fall foliage in Park City, Utah

|| Bright, colorful scrub oaks make for a visual explosion of foliage just off the trail in Park City, Utah. Every year there’s a flood of amazing photos from the outdoor photographers in this area. Last year I took handheld flashes out into the woods and lit a number of these trees at dusk. This year it felt right to just wander and see where the trail would take me. I’m glad I did. ||

The Ride Before the Last

|| Just before the first snow fell in Park City I set out for a ride on Glenwild. Long DH shorts, tall socks, a touch of snow and some mud were the order of the day. A day later we were racing the storm down this very same trail, watching it drop snow in the mountains just West. The small amount of snow seeped into the well-worn trails making everything nice and sticky, so much so that you would lean into turns past the point-of-no-return without fear. Last ride of the season and the best ride of the season, a new reason to live in Utah. ||

The Return to Dirt

|| And now, the return to dirt. Tee shirts, shorts, 50-degree weather, ample sun and tacky (sometimes muddy) trails…Utah is off to a rough start to winter. We gathered a crew and hopped on the Glenwild trail in Park City, Utah rather than skiing icy, rocky groomers at the resorts nearby. Before the season makes a turnaround we’re going to need to see a few feet of snow just to get back to a suitable base. Although the switch will flip eventually, we’re an impatient group. For now dirt will have to do, and in all honesty, it feels great again.||


|| Fall’s colors can be quick to fade some years, and quick to accumulate snow other years. The trees in Park City, Utah seem to hold their color longer than most, so I grabbed my camera when I heard that it was going to snow at high altitude. All it took was a little bit of exploration on some of the dirt roads in Summit Park and this little stand of trees presented itself. With a backdrop of evergreens for contrast, I couldn’t have asked for a more appealing setup. ||