Forest for the Trees

Trees against the sky on an overcast day in the forest in Brian Head, Utah

Trees along the side of the Dark Hollow mountain bike trail in Brian Head, Utah

|| The Dark Hollow and Bunker Creek trails ribbon through the forest above Brian Head, Utah. Drive to the top of the mountain, unload your bikes, pedal a few hundred vertical, and you’re treated to an hour of screaming-fast riding across well-traveled single track, rock gardens and roots that bite at your feet, and views that give you more than a moment of pause. Mud was the order of the day for this particular ride with photographer Re Wikstrom and riders Shaun Raskin and Weston¬†Deutschlander. Our grins caked with mud and our bikes soaked, we skidded up to the shuttle truck at the bottom well after darkness fell. Two more days of riding to go, and it only rained more. ||

Rampage: What Goes Up…

Mountain biker jumps to a wall ride transfer at the Red Bull Rampage event in Virgin, Utah.

|| Jump to wall ride transfer at Red Bull Rampage. This event is chock full of outdoor and mountain bike photographers all jockeying for the most amazing shots. I traveled down to the event with photographers Stan Evans, Re Wikstrom, and Erik Seo. Seo ended up with the opening spread in the 2010 Bike Mag editorial article that covered that season’s event. ||