Mind The Gap

A wooden jump leads up to a massive canyon gap at the Red Bull Rampage downhill mountain biking event in Utah.

|| Yup, this gap jump is huge. We arrived at the Red Bull Rampage venue a day early to see practice runs and watch the building take place. A competitor eyes up the canyon gap. Later, only a handful of the professional freeride and downhill mountain bike riders would hit this gap. A grip of outdoor and sports photographers were in attendance. I can’t blame the crowds, this is an opportunity for some amazing outdoor photos.

Virgin, Utah is hot and dirty too…real hot. Even though it took me about a week to clean the dust out of my lenses, I would say it was worth the trip. I traveled down to the event with photographers Re Wikstrom, Stan Evans, and Erik Seo. Everyone bagged their share of photos and much fun was had. ||

Rampage Through the Hills

Videographers film a mountain biker as he rides the ridgeline at the Red Bull Rampage event in Utah.

A mountain biker framed against the sky as he airs over the massive canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage.

Spectators line the cliffs and desert at the Red Bull Rampage venue in Virgin, Utah.

|| Ripping a ridge, spectators, and one massive air at Rampage. This particular Red Bull event is held in the desert of Virgin, Utah. It’s hot, really hot, but a great opportunity to get some amazing photos of downhill mountain biking. These competitors charge harder than anyone and include some professional World Cup mountain bikers and well-known freeriders alike. ||

Where’s Waldo… Rampage Edition

A mountain biker clears the massive canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage in Utah.

|| A competitor clears the massive canyon gap at the Red Bull Rampage event in 2010. There were a slew of amazing photos that came out of this event, mostly because there was an army of outdoor and bike photographers sprinting around. Heat and dirt, the two most common elements that you have to contend with at Rampage. I can’t imagine rolling into this hit. ||