Coming Soon

A POV photograph of skiing powder at Brighton Ski Resort in Utah.

|| We need more of this, now. This was one of many early season laps before the resort opened for the season. I was chomping at the bit this particular day, so Re, Erme, and Anna met me after I had taken a few laps. This particular moment speaks to me because you can see one pole clearly, one ski clearly, and the other ski and pole are in motion. Lots of people have said that these shots will cease to become interesting because of the latest round of high-resolution helmet cameras. Go shoot something like this on a GoPro, I’m sure you can get…close….

Shot at Brighton Ski Resort with a Canon 5dMkii on a chest harness. ||

Chains and Flashers

|| These signs communicate restricted driving conditions in the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City. Big Cottonwood tends to be a little more lax, with fewer police checkpoints. Although they communicate the slick and nasty of driving days, the blinking lights are a welcome sign. Snow builds, plows take to the streets, bombs begin to drop and four-wheel drive vehicles become a rallying point at the mouth of each canyon. Some are still turned back due to nearly bald, race-slick tires, but many pass checkpoints on their way to the deepness many thousands of feet above the city. Hopefully we’ll see these signs light the falling snow orange once again, and it can’t come soon enough. ||

Deep Fridays

A Friday trip into the backcountry, organized late but none-the-less fun.

Winter appears to have finally found UT – a few candid / B-roll below.

Special thanks to Beth Lopez ( copywriter extraordinaire) for the three course tailgate meal and hot rum toddys after a long day.