Roadtrip to Yellowstone

Last weekend I hit the road to Yellowstone with Heather. We played super-tourists and did plenty of driving and gawking at the standard fare of animals. Had a chance to test out the 7D and new lenses too.. not too shabby.

Feels great to get out of the city, be near water, and see something moving that isn’t spewing exhaust or flipping you off. What a concept eh?

If you make it to Yellowstone have a look at the Yellowstone Basin Inn. Run by a great couple with tons of local information and excellent hospitality. Look forward to heading back at some point in the future!

Deep Fridays

A Friday trip into the backcountry, organized late but none-the-less fun.

Winter appears to have finally found UT Рa few candid / B-roll below.

Special thanks to Beth Lopez ( copywriter extraordinaire) for the three course tailgate meal and hot rum toddys after a long day.

30 Seconds to Mars

After shooting the Grand Prix event I posted about earlier, I had a chance to shoot a few frames at a free 30 Seconds to Mars Concert.

Free events mean lots of people, lots of people increase the odds of something potentially going wrong.. see where I’m going here?

Within about five minutes of the start of the concert the entire crowd pushed through the non-existant barrier (plastic fencing), and into the “media area” directly in front of the stage. For a tense moment or two there was lots of grabbing, tossing, dragging, and punching while photogs and filmers scrambled to either protect or recover their gear. To my knowledge nothing was broken or stolen, but I would say that’s only because everyone covering this event is generally used to a chaotic shooting environment already.

Heard some great stories from a couple filmers later when I attended the XDance showing of Red Bull’s Project X down in the city.. Good times.