California Dreamin’

A palm tree seen from the deck of our hotel.

A highway structure as seen from the road in California.

An orange tree outside the deck of our hotel.

The trestles of a bridge on the highway in California.

A license plate on a classic car parked in California, the plate reads 'Bad Bow.'

|| I shot this series of photos from the passenger seat of my girlfriend’s car. California isn’t my favorite place in the world, but we were in town for a wedding so I did my best to seize the moment. The wedding was perfect and the day after we visited Point Reyes lighthouse. Anyone in the area of Point Reyes should visit; I highly recommend it. ||

Stars Again

A silhouette of a star gazer watching the starry, night sky over Stanley, Idaho.

|| We left Salt Lake City and its light-polluted sky and found something better in Stanley, Idaho. Just outside of Stanley there’s a particular campsite on a particular hill; it’s hard to reach but worth the effort. You can see a full 360 degrees of clear sky from this campsite. A faint glimmer of light shines into the sky from town; it’s hardly enough to distract from the stars that fill the sky.

Nights like this remind me of Maine. ||

UTCX Cyclocross

Cyclocross bike racer climbing a hill at Soldier Hollow park in Salt Lake City, Utah

|| Cyclocross is a sub genre of the bike racing world with a culture entirely its own. Here, a cyclocross rider climbs a hill during a UTCX cyclocross race at Soldier Hollow in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’d like to attend more of these events, heckle more actively, and maybe race for a lap or five. All the local celebrities were out, including Mr. Tommy Chandler. Tommy made a short video of the event that can be found here. ||