Fruita, Colorado

The mountain biking in Fruita, Colorado is a little slice of heaven baked by the sun and carved from the desert. Singletrack trails crisscross the desert around the now-famous 18 road and even more trails skip along the spiny backs of nearby ridges that protrude from the mountains. Unless there’s a storm clouding the sky, sunsets light up the horizon nightly and stars blaze from one side of your vision to the other.

Brian checking his hardtail at camp on 18 road in Fruita

My shadow looming over our campsite in Fruita at 18 Road

Camping on 18 Road – Pro Tips
  • You only need one bike to ride in this zone and it could easily be a well-maintained 29er hardtail or a short-travel cross country bike. Either will do. Leave anything bigger at home—you won’t use it.
  • Bring water. More than you believe you and two other people need. You’ll drink all of it.
  • Bring sunscreen. It’s a brutal, unshaded world out there. Better yet, bring a sunshade.
  • Visit during the early Spring or late, late Fall. Temperatures are more bearable during these times.
  • There’s overflow camping just off the main road. This camping can get crowded but it’s mostly a free-for-all, too. Be courteous.
  • Bring TP. The bathrooms get hit hard on the weekends and necessary supplies can be hard to come by.
  • Visit the Hot Tomato for the best pizza you’ve ever had. Unless you’re from New York.

A brilliant sunset bursting through the clouds over a tent in Fruita, Colorado

Mountain biking on the trails new Horsethief in Colorado

A thin ribbon of trail called Zippity Doo Da in Fruita, Colorado