Powder Over Porsches

|| After a massive 24-hour storm hit Alta there were more than a handful of cars buried the next morning. That night the road closed, interlodge went into effect and shovels were in short supply. Ultimately this shot is pretty simple though: horrible taste in cars, but all the priorities in the right place. Ski first, shovel later. ||


|| A late-season visit to Moab, Utah yielded some muddy mountain biking and a seriously impressive view. Overnight the temperature dropped rapidly and moisture moved across the desert causing an unusual amount of snow. The snow was deep enough to drag against the bottom of my truck, and it closed down our planned ride of the Porcupine Rim trail. Until the Spring, we wait. ||

Chains and Flashers

|| These signs communicate restricted driving conditions in the canyons surrounding Salt Lake City. Big Cottonwood tends to be a little more lax, with fewer police checkpoints. Although they communicate the slick and nasty of driving days, the blinking lights are a welcome sign. Snow builds, plows take to the streets, bombs begin to drop and four-wheel drive vehicles become a rallying point at the mouth of each canyon. Some are still turned back due to nearly bald, race-slick tires, but many pass checkpoints on their way to the deepness many thousands of feet above the city. Hopefully we’ll see these signs light the falling snow orange once again, and it can’t come soon enough. ||


|| This is a maco view of the caliper and stopper on a full-suspension bike. Formula has been making bomber brakes for years, and with the RX they nailed the benefit to price point. Here’s what your brake rotor looks like up close and personal. ||

The Return to Dirt

|| And now, the return to dirt. Tee shirts, shorts, 50-degree weather, ample sun and tacky (sometimes muddy) trails…Utah is off to a rough start to winter. We gathered a crew and hopped on the Glenwild trail in Park City, Utah rather than skiing icy, rocky groomers at the resorts nearby. Before the season makes a turnaround we’re going to need to see a few feet of snow just to get back to a suitable base. Although the switch will flip eventually, we’re an impatient group. For now dirt will have to do, and in all honesty, it feels great again.||