Jason Smith’s Dirty Deeds

Up to no good last night with Jeremy Miller (@jmillsent).

Jeremy and I rolled over to Farmington, UT to shoot some portraits and video with dirt bike climber Jason Smith. The bike you see in the shot below was custom-built by Jason and his father. Just imagine the man hours that go into a production bike, then try to fathom how you would build this yourself. Impressive to say the least.

Too Busy

Too busy for what? Shooting, that’s what.

Arrived at the Canyons at 9:30, left at 2:30. Shot one photo.

Why? 30+ in of snow in 24 hrs and probably 60-70 in a 48-72hr period. No way I’m going to ignore that. So, I shredded with Stan Evans and his buddy Adam from Redbull.

After a long season of looking at snow, talking about snow, posting about snow, watching other people enjoy snow, and generally not getting a chance to actually enjoy.. snow.. I took yesterday as the opportunity to clear my head.

Hell yes.