Exposing the Stars – Alta

Quick, late night ride up to Alta.

Shot the below at 30s apiece and varying ISOs, no timer or bulb triggers so everything had to be done at min shutter speed (hence some noise).

Feels great to get out of the city and watch the cats do their thing.

Nice Little Saturday

No Home Depot, no Bed Bath and Beyond, just a little ride into Sugarhouse to get business done.

Pushing a 6in travel bike around city streets isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world but it gets your legs jacked, oh snap.

Stan Evans and I went on a mid-day caffeine binge with our laptops to do a little people watching, bullshitting, and general business. Cruised some neighborhoods and ended up mowing down some wings before we pedaled back up to the ‘hood.

Not too shabby, a nice little Saturday.

Roadtrip to Yellowstone

Last weekend I hit the road to Yellowstone with Heather. We played super-tourists and did plenty of driving and gawking at the standard fare of animals. Had a chance to test out the 7D and new lenses too.. not too shabby.

Feels great to get out of the city, be near water, and see something moving that isn’t spewing exhaust or flipping you off. What a concept eh?

If you make it to Yellowstone have a look at the Yellowstone Basin Inn. Run by a great couple with tons of local information and excellent hospitality. Look forward to heading back at some point in the future!