Holt Photo – The Photography Blog of Austin Holt
Holt Photo – The Photography Blog of Austin Holt
Holt Photo – The Photography Blog of Austin Holt
Holt Photo – The Photography Blog of Austin Holt
Holt Photo – The Photography Blog of Austin Holt


The Return

A hammock hanging on a porch in Crested Butte, Colorado.

|| The blog had to take a little siesta over the past few seasons. Things are sorted now, so I’m looking forward to updating on a more regular basis soon. Bottom line: we’re back in business. Stay tuned. ||

The Wasatch Crest Trail

AH_20130726_IMG_1818_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1827_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1838_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1852_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1897_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1937_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1941_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1944_crest_bikes AH_20130726_IMG_1947_crest_bikes

Crusher in the Tushar 2013



AH_20130713__MG_7434_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713_IMG_7489_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713_IMG_7474_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713__MG_8078_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713_IMG_7739_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713_IMG_7845_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713__MG_7749_crushertusher_biking AH_20130713__MG_7704_crushertusher_biking

Fruita, Colorado






|| Fruita singletrack is a little slice of heaven baked by the sun and carved from the Colorado desert. Once the temperature rises, this territory is essentially unrideable during the day–that hasn’t stopped photographer Anne Keller though. ||

Into the Woods





|| Sometimes you just have to set off into the woods. ||

Lake Living


|| A quick trip to Bear Lake over Memorial Day weekend. ||

Salt Lake City Bike Prom

AH_20130601_IMG_1156_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1176_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1172_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1191_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1196_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1216_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1240_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1251_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1259_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1280_bikeprom_slc AH_20130601_IMG_1295_bikeprom_slc

|| Bike Prom 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The party started in Liberty Park, proceeded through downtown, and ended at Pierpont place. Riding through the city with a couple hundred cyclists is one hell of an experience. Special thanks to the Bike Collective and all the individuals who acted as corkers for traffic. ||

Memorial Day



|| Memorial Day camping on Bear Lake at the Utah/Idaho border. ||

Point Reyes



|| California’s Point Reyes lighthouse masked by fog. Steep steps lead down to the lighthouse. ||

One Starry Night

The silhouette of a bike against the star-filled sky of Stanley, Idaho

|| The silhouette of a mountain bike shot against the star-filled sky over Stanley, Idaho. ||